Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Maybelline Watershine Liquid Gloss

I am not sure from what collection this color comes from, but I found this in a Brazilian site. Does somebody have this? I tried to find reviews over the net, but in vain. I bought this at Maybelline counter in Bangalore Central, India. Hope somebody has this...

Okay, I dont know how to describe this color. Its rather tricky. The perfect nude gloss, but doesnt wash out. Nude with pink undertones? Wait, lemme post the pics so that you decide for yourselves what shade category this comes under! As mentioned earlier, this is from Maybelline's Watershine range in #521 Naked Brown.

The packaging is typical with silver cap and silvery band kinda thing on the tube; 3ml container. This looks smaller compared to my other Maybelline glosses. This surely has a fragrance...wait! This sure smells like my cough syrup, at least that is the first thing that strikes my mind. Some kinda sweet notes in the background...The applicator looks like doe foot, but different in some way. May be long and a bit wide at the end, I feel. It really helps in easy application like I hardly need to apply many times for a full coverage whateva!

The texture is fine and creamy, hence moisturizing. The formulation is not so sticky or not at all sticky, I can say! I dont get the feel of stickiness, at least! There are no sparkles, so good for day time. I can 200% recommend this for work place, in case they still do this color. If you know me, I use lip balm before using any lip products. So is the case here and it slides on smooth and stays for a decent amount of time. Stays more without food and drinks.... It fades off evenly; leaving the lips moisturizing and soft. If I have to pick a gloss for day, this would be my pick!

Pigmentation is good, but does not stay long! I mean, not the staying power of the gloss, but the pigmentation of the gloss. My lips are kinda flesh-toned, so this the perfect MLBB color, for me!

Uiii....I found a perfect partner for this gloss, L'Oreal #708 Aishwarya Beige. They both perform well, together! Match made in heaven? If I use both, may be lips look more pigmented than when you use the gloss, alone!

I bought this long back like 2 years, so not even sure of the price. Must be somewhere around 150 INR. If you find this anywhere, do let me know! This is the color to have a back up, for me! I cannot tell ya more than this, so I post you a couple of pics. See for yourself how tricky this shade can get!

Here is the swatch of #521 Naked Brown in day light! See, there are no sparkles or anything, but sheer creamy color. Can you see the pink/mauve tones? Does it look like a brown? May be mashed brown, pink and mauve!

The best I could get! Can you see the applicator? Dont ya think its someway different from the regular one? Its angled and longer, to some extent!

This is how it looked like when I left it on a kinda-sunny window sill! See the size, looks like a lilliput's gloss, right? Here, it kinda looks dark. Now, wait for the shocker!

Here, it looks creamy pink gloss. FYI, this was taken in the same light as the previous ones! So, this surely has some pink undertone! Confirm!

See this! Do you call this pink or brown? Another swatch to confirm?

Are you convinced by now? I confirm this as a brown gloss (shade says so) with pink/mauvy undertones. If you can categorize this shade, you are more than welcome. That would be really appreciated! This is my best gloss eva! bad! The packaging says en Brasil!



  1. I love Maybelline Watershine lipglosses...I think they're one of the best!
    This looks pinkish nude to me..similar to Glam Shine Cream 'Sweet Nude'
    You're right, it'll go well with Star Secrets-Aishwarya Rai's Beige lipcolor.

  2. Aah, finally its pinkish nude!

  3. I love these kinda color .. so ME !!

  4. Palak, glad 2 know that u r my kind!