Thursday, 26 November 2009

Biotique Honey Gel

Hey lovelies,

I guess I have given these enough time to review! It cant wait any longer! So, ladies and ladies, again :) Let me present you Biotique, unique blend of 5000-year-old authentic ayurvedic formulations infused with the 21st century biotechnology. The lady behind this success, "Vinita Jain." I know many women who branched out from Shahnaz Hussain to Biotique, not to mention their succesful range of products! To be honest, I never used anything from SH range. My first herbal brand is Biotique and will remain so forever!

After the grand entry, let me tell you something about the brand. It contains no harmful chemicals. It has no synthetic fragrances or artificial preservatives. It does not conduct cruel tests on animals. All Biotique preparations are environmentally friendly and bio-degradable. gimme a break!

Since a long time, Biotique has been synonymous to skin and hair care developed from time- tested Ayurveda. Their products range from skin care, hair care, body care, baby care, men care, supplementary food and makeup...phew! I have tried quite a few products from Biotique like Berberry Lotion face cleanser, Honey Gel foaming face cleanser, Sun protective lotion in Red Sandalwood, Papaya scrub and kajal.

I would love to talk about all the products from Biotique, but let me begin with my most favorite, their Honey Gel foaming face cleanser. As you can see, the packaging speaks for itself like "Hey, I am a herbal!" White and green synonymous to ayurveda :)

This is a 100% soap-free pure honey blended with extracts from the bark of Arjun tree, Euphorbia plant and wild Turmeric. The packaging says; it contains pure honey blended with natural cleansers. It remove microbes and pollutants from skin, making it healthy and smooth.

The consistency is neither runny nor thick; gel-based, hence the name honey gel. The product is strongly infused with floral scent, which is lingering! Can you see the color of the product? OMG...I love this to pieces!

I find it takes more than regular peanut-sized product to lather. It is not as frothy as the other cleansers and takes some effort to build up the foam. I am sucker for lather, so I use more than enough! I know I will run out of it soon, but I WANT LATHER...

Smooth over wet face and throat. Massage gently and rinse thoroughly. I use this at any time of the day and follow up with a moisturizer. Once you are done, you can find the fragrance of this product lingering all over! I dont know if you can see, but I am half way through the product. So, I guess thats more than enough to judge. Its a promise, you wont regret buying this!

Dont expect miracles to happen over night coz it is just a herbal cleanser, trying to be good on your skin! I have a combination - oily skin and normally dont break out with this. I never had any serious problems with any product from Biotique, I swear! May be, I dont have a problematic skin, bless me :)

Price: 120 ml for 135 INR :) 2 years back! Not sure of current prices, sorry about that!

Here is some information, thought it might be useful for those who need in-depth info!

Arjun tree:

Every part of this tree has medicinal properties. According to Ayurveda, it is:

Alexiteric: Amulet, remedy, a preservative against contagious & infectious diseases and the effects of poison in general.

Styptic: Substance with astringent and haemostatic properties, checks on bloog clot.

Tonic: Power of restoring normal tone to tissue.

Anthelmintic: Vermicidal or agent destructive to worms, against helminthic infections caused by parasites.

Also useful in fractures, uclers, heart diseases, biliousness, urinary discharges, asthma, tumours, leucoderma, anaemia, excessive prespiration etc.

Euphorbia: Antioxidant, curative and antiviral.

Wild Turmeric:

Ginger-like medicinal herb with strong antibiotic properties. It is believed to play a role in prevention and cure of cancer in Chinese medicine. It is often used in an effort to remove cell accumulations like tumors. It has a spicy taste like ginger. It contains aromatic volatile oils that help remove excessive lipids from the blood, reduce aggregation of platelets and reduce inflammation.

P.S: This is not a cosmetic product. It has therapeutic properties! Hope y'all liked my review :)

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  1. Hey Divija,

    Great Review.. I too have used this in the past.. For some reason it dried out my skin.. One of the very few biotique prdts tht didn't suit me..

    But my sister who has oily skin loves it!!

    I agree with you on SH.. I have been a biotique fan frm day 1, never used SH.. I once saw tht lady when i was out shopping.. I don't know about u, but she freaks me out with the way she looks.. Hair tht looks like hay, weird skin.. I for sure ain't using anythin she makes..

  2. Thnq tanvi, I didnt notice the drying part btw!

    I feel the same abt SH, but didnt wanna write that on my blog and get thrashed by SH fans :) but I feel her facials do a good job. Wat say?

    even i am freaked out by her hair, strands stick out in a wierd way for some reason, but she is great, not to mention the success, I feel :)

  3. Very in-depth review Divija. The only time I've used Biotique products was in 2004. I don't remember the names..1 was some sesame stretch marks cream n the other i don't even rem...maybe some aloe vera stuff(?) which came in a bottle like that one..I didn't take the brand seriously then lol

  4. I have used Biotique's papaya scrub and a sunscreen SPF 30. Both the products gave me huge rashes on my face. I don't even have a sensitive skin so it was a huge surpise for me. Now I am so scared of buying any biotique product. :(

    But a great and very informative review.

    By the way, have added you on my blogroll.

  5. cynthia, thanq :) Do you still have them in ur collection? How did u like them? do u think they were worthy? so that we people cud give them a try :)

    Do u take it seriously, now :) xoxo

  6. Rati,

    thnq so much, that was really sweet of u!

    Sorry abt that rash thing. How did u get rid of them? Thanq again for the compliments :)

  7. Frankly I don't use anything SH or related to it.. Freaks me out.

  8. Tanvi, i am not able to post on ratis blog. link appears broken :(

  9. Hey Divija did u see what i said about Mac lipsticks in my blog??
    Don't have them anymore..not worthy at the time :\
    Honestly I'm quite turned off by their can't say whether i take their products seriously now..but i do take 'presentation' very seriously :)
    I agree with Tanveer...I wouldn't try SH stuff (sorry if i offended anybody)
    Right now I love only Himalaya♥

  10. Oh! These days google is showing a lot of broken links but once you refersh the url again, it shows the website that you are looking for.

    Regarding rashes, I did two things:

    1. Threw both the containers in the dustbin. What a waste of money. :(
    2. Applied only rose water many times a day for the next two days.

    My rashes and the skin irritation got over after 2 days after I stopped applying them.

  11. rati, i tried refreshing 1000 times, but it is taking me to someother link. sorry for not being tech-savvy :( want to comment on ur blog, but cud not. thanq for following my blog and adding me to ur blog roll :) u made my day, hun!

  12. cynthia, i better post the reply in ur blog :) makes some sense :)

  13. Then all you can do is write and visit me. :( SOmehow I clicked on all my links from yours and Tanveer's blog and they are opening fine. When it showed the broken link, I clicked 'enter' against the url in my address bar and it showed my blog.

    I will try checking from my end as well.

  14. Rati, it works now :) thanq for the help...

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