Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Maybelline discontinued Watershine range...

My favorite lippie gone foreva boo-hooooooooooooooooooooooooo :(

Yesterday was the first day at work. BTW, I volunteer at Cancer Research UK...since yesterday. The sad part is I have to work only once a week like every tuesday. What I like the most is at last I found myself surrounded my tonnes of books and I was like "How I wish I stay here till I finish all of these, at least the interesting ones...?" Thats a different story, anyway.

I have been to the drug store in search of Maybelline Watershine lipsticks which have been getting my attention for quite a long time. The sad part was I found that they are discontinued. Maybelline has come up with a new range called Color Sensational with nudes, pinks, plums and reds. So, there is surely something for everybody.

I asked the store assistant if she could find some Watershine lipsticks for me from the draws and she was like "I am afraid..." I didnt know that, but I am hoping to get these in bigger drug stores at Glasgow. I am not so sure if they do the same way in India. If thats the case, its time I rush now and ask one of my friends or my li'l sister to save some for me.

Here is a sample from Watershine range shade Mochaccino...can you see the glossy sheen??? OMG...I love these... They are supposed to have this so-called shine formula that reflects light like the surface of water to give your pout a sexy glistening finish! Also leaves lips feeling soft with a super shine infused with Vitamin E. They are non-sticky, long-lasting and hypoallergenic.

Somebody let me know if you find these in India anymore. Also, find the price of these, especially the lavender color containers...

(Courtesy: Cosmetic Candy)


  1. Peeped into your site thro' a link. You are maintaining a beautiful colorful site. I am sure you would get those shades of Maybelline in India. Nowadays, you get everything there. On my last visit to Chennai, I was able to buy good collection of Mac but again you have to pay for the product.

    I am following you.
    Do find time to visit my blogspot.


  2. Dear C, glad u found and liked my blog! Where r u right now, if u dont mind me asking? I could not get hold of ur profile frm ur blog. Paying again? Sorry, I didnt get u...

    I left a msg in ur blog and I am also a loyal follower of ur blog :)

  3. hey hi... nice blog. i like maybelline shades too.. watershine is awesum!! bad sadly, we never get the latest shades back in india, like the loads of watershine range which r not yet available. do let me know of any outlet which would have these..