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Biotique Sun Protective Lotion SPF 50

My dearest lovelies,

Sorry, but how could I forget such a thing? Biotique products have a great life expectancy, they live 5 long years after manufacturing. Not sure if it applies to every product! Mine fall under that 5-year expiry period. Somebody teach me how to speak English, please!

Products with more life are great to try coz when you are branching quite often to find a suitable, some things might be forgotten for a while. One day, they should be tossed out. But, no such issues with Biotique. Even if they lie in your dresser for a couple years, that doesnt matter :) how cool? What else do we want?

Did you ever come across a cosmetic product which smells good on you, other than your perfume? Try Biotique's sun block in Red Sandal Wood flavor! Who knows? You might fall in love, again :) If you are new to this brand and do not have super-sensitive skin, give it a try!

What the packaging claims?

Sun protective lotion with natural minerals and SPF 50. Ancient sages have used sandal wood to protect and heal the skin. It is an excellent combination of sandalwood along with saffron, wheatgerm, honey and bark of Arjun tree. It protects skin from harmful effects of the sun. You can also use this as a base for your makeup. I never tried that before, though! Let me know if you did!

TIP: The higher the SPF, the more protection a sunscreen offers against UV-B, which causes the sun burn. So, wearing a sunscreen with SPF 50, your skin will not burn until it has been exposed to 50 times the amount of solar energy that would normally cause it to burn. The protection usually depends on factors like the skin type of the user, the amount applied and frequency of re-application, amount of sunscreen the skin has absorbed and activities engaged like if you are into swimming, you lose the sun block from your skin.

How to use Biotique lotion? Use every morning after moisturizing. Apply appropriate amount on the face and neck. I normally use sun screen 15 to 30 minutes before I step out.

Skin type: Suitable to all types.

The consistency is neither thick nor runny, but kinda semi-solid, I can say! This formulation includes Chandan oil, honey, Aswagandha, rakthachandan kwath and many other herbs :) as per the packaging.

Some of you might find the scent of sandalwood overpowering, might get a headache as well. So, make sure you sniff it before you buy! I have a greater tolerance level "only" for this, so I feel it gives me an identity instead, sounds silly eh? I would wanna be identified as the sandalwood girl :) sometimes. Why? You can sense this from far away! If you are a religious user of this, you will know what I am talking about!

If you use more, it gets streaky and greasy on the skin. So, dont be liberal while using this. It lasts ages as a decent amount of product is enough. For some reason, the scent of it reminds me of weddings and Indian summers, must be because of the sandalwood flavor :) I never had any problem with this product, whatsoever! This retails for 200 INR for 120 ml! It also comes in 65 ml and 225 ml.


Widely used in India as a beauty enhancer since ancient times! It is a natural skin cleansing agent containing active compounds to lighten blemishes and give a radiant looking health skin from within.


The Vitamin E present in Wheat germ promotes skin cell formation. Great for nourishing and rejuvenating dry, mature, dehydrated skin and reducing scars, stretch marks, sunburns and damaged skin. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects, which may be beneficial medicinally as well as in cosmetics. The high Vitamin E content in Wheat germ is a natural preservative, helps to prevent rancidity and prolongs the shelf life of cosmetic products. Good for dry and cracked skin, eczema, psoriasis, prematurely aged skin, stretch marks, dull complexion, tired and overexerted muscles, sunburn and burns, scars.

P.S: This is not a cosmetic product. It has therapeutic properties :)

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  1. I earlier used the Biotique Aloe Vera sunscreen spf 75.. But then i discovered ponds tinted moisturizer with spf 15 and that got left behind..

    My hubby uses this sandalwood one (he too likes all things that smell sandalwoody)..

  2. tanvi, SPF 75 :) d u like ponds one?

    wat do u feeel abt the sandalwood one? I am not a die-hard fan of sandalwood, but this one somehow caught my interest!

  3. Hey DR,

    Iam regular in reading your blogs.Your blog design is awesome now.Seems like a hollywood professional makeup artist's personal website :)

    Now coming to Biotique,Iam an ardent fan of Biotique apart from Oriflame.

    Have used papaya scrub(It was awesome),dadelion youthful complexion face vitaliser from Biotique..

    What a surprise..I was searching for a SPF cream sicne my parlour lady told me that I have sun tan in my face :(.This red sandal guy came to my mind,but was afraid to try.Good that I saw your review.

    Can I try this since I have oily skin....

    P.S: Please write more reviews on Biotique.I will be all ears.

  4. Great post hun! I have tried a lot of Biotique products when I was in India and I absolutely love them! made with natural ingredients and smells divine! Do you know if their products are available in the UK? xoxo

  5. sonali, i dont think we have access to biotique here. thanq for the sweet msgs, darl:)

  6. Nice and informative blog :)


  7. I love sandalwood smell. I even look for sandalwood incense sticks. And great info about suncreen. :)

  8. swathi, thanx a bunch for the visit and comment :)

  9. hey rati, left msg at ur blog! thnq for the visit :) glad u liked my review...

  10. Hehe Divija, thanks for the visit :D, I have just done a new post (eotd) especially for you girl! now smile plz xxx

  11. i somehw detest biotique..the gruby packaging and no effect on my skin makes me want my money back :(
    Glad that it works for ya :)

  12. Palak, sorry to hear Biotique doesnt work for ya! Did u find ur holy grail then?

  13. Sonali, that was so sweet of u :) made my day :) full of smileeeeeeeeeeee.......:)

  14. Thanks DR.I saw your picture in fb.Iam not in are awesome.beyond my imagination.

    keep write such blogd.they entertain me like anything you know.

  15. AnonymousMay 18, 2010

    Hello Divija
    I am thinking to buy Biotique's sunscreen.
    I have combination skin (T-zone very oily & cheeks lack moisture). Skin prone to sunburn & tan. College timings:8am to 4pm
    Very dusty environment. Sunscreen should not be the cause of acne.
    Should i purchase this??????

    Do i need to moisturize face before applying it?

  16. Dear Munish,

    Welcome to my blog! Sorry for the late reply :)

    I believe combination skin is blessed! most of the time, if not all the while :) I too fall under the same category! My skin too is damn prone to tan like nobody's business! Can you believe? I too had the same college timings and the most polluted surroundings anybody could lay their eyes on! similar?

    Would you mind my asking which place are you from? To be honest, I dont like to use this on my face! I prefer using this on body, instead! If you are from India, especially deep can easily understand why I say so! THe weather gets more humid and the consistency of the product gets kinda sticky in a while for face! TOp of it, it has ON YOUR FACE sandalwood fragrance!

    I dont insist you buy this for your face as such, but this is a great product for body with SPF 50! Face, especially T zone might get greasy after a while! Personal opinion, this formula is quite strong for face! May be you can try something sheer with higher SPF!

    Anything else, feel free to let me know! Thanq again, Munish!

  17. i have a super oily skin and i tan too much as well. should i buy this one? i am really confused between lotus matte sunblock and this one.

  18. i am from kolkata btw.

  19. Hi Divija, this is koyel here,i have very sensitive skin.can u tell me what type of biotique suns scream will be effective for me???

  20. Bulbul,

    welcome to my blog, dear! I dont know if u ever come back to check on my reply, but still here is yours!

    I definitely recommend this one, especially for
    your body skin rather than facial skin! The
    formula is quite heavy and thick for face, so it
    might greasy after a while!

    I am yet to try Lotus matte sunblock, so I cant
    tell you much abt tat!

  21. Dear Puja,

    Welcome to my blog! So far, I have tried only
    this sunscreen from Biotique! I am yet to finish
    this bottle, not so lucky to invest on another!

    If you are looking for a body sunscreen, definitely go for this! Works wonders unless you are not happy with the scent of sandalwood! Looks like biotique has come up with many products lately, so do check out the range! Will surely let you know if I come across something for sensitive skin from Biotique!

    Kindly let me me know if you are on a budget, so I can recommend some other brands like the ones I have used other than Biotique! Sorry if I was of no help :)

  22. dear dr,i am from chennai.biotique have introduced red sandal wood sunblock cream apart from lotion with same spf50.i think this wil be suitable for combination skin and oily skin. i am about to try this. have u ever tried this one.if so can u give ur feedback abt this product

  23. dear sowmi, nice to meet u and welcome to my blog :)

    as of sunblock cream, i have no ideas! thnq for that info. if it says suitable for combi and oily skin, go for it provided ur skin falls under that category. have u ever tried biotique products earlier?

    u say u r from chennai, so be careful while choosing ur products. bangalore now is really damn hot, so chennai heat can be more than scorching by now. After a while in sun, biotique lotion gives a greasy feel on skin.
    if the formula is thicker, it definitely gives that greasy feel, so go for a tester if available. ask in Health & Glow as u might get testers :)

    i havent tried the cream formula so far, so i cant help u on this sorry for tat, sowmi. thnq for asking :)