Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Tag: One word

Alright, here's another tag from a blogger, but not sure if its on YT! Just felt like doing it :)

1. Where's your cell phone: On the couch.

2. Your hair: Straight.

3. Your mother: My guardian angel.

4. Your father: My daddy strongest.

5. Favorite Food: Home-made.

6. Dream last night: Makeup :)

7. Favorite drink: Water.

8. What room are you in: Living room.

9. Hobby: Anything interesting becomes my hobby, otherwise blogging for now.

10. Fear: So many to describe.

11. Where were you last night: At home.

12. Something that you aren't: Dangerous.

13. Muffins: What?

14. Wish list item: Train case full of makeup.

15. Where did you grow up: Andhra, South-India.

16. What are you wearing: What do you mean :) clothes, of course!

17. Your pets: I dont have any!

18. Friends: I cant answer this question as I am not sure.

19. Something you're not wearing: So many.

20. Favorite store: Any Indian stores.

21. Favorite color: Black, black and black :) my color :)

22. Last time you laughed: Do I stop so that I could have a count :) I am ever-smiling!

23. Your best friend: Mother and hubby.

24. Bestest Place you go to over and over: Tirumala, pilgrim center in South India.

25. Person who emails you regularly: My friends, but not on a daily basis.

26. Favorite place to eat: At home.

Uiii....I am done! I tag all of you, if you wish to do this!


  1. I enjoyed reading this post :) BTW my wishlist is the same as yours :D

  2. Sonali, thanq very much! I am glad we both sail on the same boat :) in dat case. Wat say?

  3. hey divija, m yo new follower..,nyc blog :)
    btwn evn m 4m andhra(yzg)..

  4. hi ramya, thanq for following! do u blog? i cud not locate ur link!

  5. thats ok, ramya :) so wat do u do?

  6. hey divija , i visit yo blog regularly bt i misd to chk yo rpl til nw.. sory dear.. m pursuing btech at yzg..
    have u evr been 2 yzg?

  7. Ramya, sorry! Message late ga chusanu! Reply kuda late ga isthunna! pls dont mind!

    We were in VZG for 2 yrs, in n around Andhra University campus! I did my schooling in vizag @ Public School, MVP colony!

    Pls feel free to mail me.

  8. parledhu, mail id enti?

  9. ramya, disclosure lo na id undi. mail me, will get bak to u. is that ok with u? take care, love!

    I posted the reply in chat box same day, luks like u missed it, honey ;)