Monday, 23 November 2009

Treat to my darlings...

Hey lovelies,

You people have been so sweet and kind enough following my boring blog! So I thought I will treat you and you girls wouldnt even have a faint hint what this is all about. I know this doesnt make any sense as this post is 200% not related to makeup! Do u wanna know what this rambling is all about? Read further...

I am a huge fan of Mills & Boon, Harlequin and Silhouette series. Are you, too? Here comes the treat, then! I hope you will cherish this! The link below takes you to a page where you get access to 16 Harlequin books. How many do you wanna get hold of? One, two, three...take all 16. They are absolutely free :) Did I hear a stampede???

Will ya please let me know if you liked the treat? Hope you all love it...please dont thrash if you dont like it!



  1. This is a nice treat! Too bad i don't read these books :)I'm more into thrillers n chicklits
    I didn't 4get ur Indian girl...I thought u couldn't get Vega stuff there in the UK. Is it available there?? or u visit India?

  2. You live in India or UK, i'm confused?

  3. Cynthia, thanq for the comments! I have my vega stuff like carried from India. we dont get vega here, as far as I know :)

  4. Cheez, I am a south-indian, currently in UK :)