Monday, 2 November 2009

Here comes the Army

As promised, I am here again with my lippie range from Super drug. Here are the li'l babies waiting for attention. Oh...poor things! I am coming...

Look at the vibrant could that get? Especially the pink and green ones....OMG! I love them a lot! If you are a die-hard fan of lippies, especially balms give these a try! They are really worth-a-try and worth-a-mention!

On my first notice, I was expecting some pigmentation to these. I was really disappointed by the transparent product. Hope I wont be disappointed, otherwise! It would be wise not to complain too much for the price, at least! How I wish blue balm in blue tin, pink balm in pink tin and green balm in green tin....:) sounds colourful, isnt it? Looks colourful???

P.S: I tried the pink tin aka SPF too much for 79 pence! I am a bargain shopper and can be bitchy some times when it comes to simple, but so vintagy!

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