Thursday, 12 November 2009

L'Oreal Glam Shine Lip Gloss

Wow...that was mouthful! Definitely not the latest launch, but I felt they deserve a special mention/review.

L'Oreal's Glam Shine Blush lipglosses promise to stay on no matter what you eat, drink or who you kiss. The secret behind the gloss - sold every four minutes in the UK - is in the hydrating properties that make lips shimmer and shine. The non-sticky texture means lips will also look smooth -

So, here I am talking about L'Oreal Glam Shine lip glosses from their Blush and Natural Glow ranges. I have #155 in Plum Blush and #409 in Crystal Bronze Glow. Normally, I am not a person who seriously follows the latest releases online and rush to the stores to stock them up. If I get to see them on my weekend visits, I like the quality, price and shades in particular, I end up buying. I have 4 glosses from L'Oreal; 2 from Glam Shine 6H Gloss Brillance and 2 from Glam Shine!

This post is purely about the 2 shades from Glam Shine i.e. Plum Blush and Crystal Bronze Glow. As you can see, the packaging is chic like hour-glass. These retail for 6.99 pounds. I got the Plum Blush in 3 for 2 offer. I got the Crystal bronze glow for 1 or 2 pounds in a sale. Lucky me!

The consistency is not so thick, particularly. It has multi-colored sparkles for that dazzling shine. Its also meant for volumizing/plumping the lips. I dont find this particularly an issue because I am not much into plumpers whateva! I like the color, thats it. End of the story!

This gloss is not sticky, as per the promise. I am finally glad I found something from L'Oreal thats non-sticky. I hate it when gloss transfers to my teeth. The other day at my brother's wedding, I had 6H gloss on my lips and after a while, my brother came to me and he was like "What's that on ur teeth? Teethstick?" I immediately had to cover up and I was like "That's my gloss." If at all I happen to use those 2 shades from 6H range, I would be very cautious. Remember, I warned you already!

I consider these glosses really glamorous for the shine. Staying power, not so sure. I dont mind reapplying as long as I am comfortable with other aspects like the fragrance and shade. I dont think they stay long. I find the glitter get chunky on my lips for some reason, but not so bothering. Pretty manageable! The glitter somehow disappears after a while and I like the way it fades evenly. It doesnt leave my lips patchy. The best tip to make your lip products work well is apply a good lip balm first. You can see the wonders for yourself.

Fragrance of L'Oreal glosses is not-so-good. I would not repurchase if its not for the pretty shades and price range. I can carry these colors both for day and night as well, but depends on the outfit mostly!

The applicator is angled and helps in easy application. They call this applicator heart-shaped, but I prefer to call it pear-shaped. What would you prefer? More product with this applicator, for sure! Did I forget something?

The top most color is Crystal Bronze Glow and the bottom one, Plum Blush :) Crystal bronze might work as a highlighter and eye shadow as well!


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