Monday, 30 November 2009

Bourjois Effet Smokey Pencil


On a different mission this time! Trying to find out the perfect partner for smokey eyes! On vigorous hunting, I finally landed on this...


Double-tipped eyeliner to smudge for a perfect every day smoky look!

A smoky look available in 5 deep and intense shades achievable in 2 simple steps:

1) Outline the eye with the pencil

2) Smudge with the brush

Its soft, easy-to-blend tip glides along the lashline for an intense outline in one stroke.

Its ultra soft brush made of natural bristles perfectly smudges the formula.

- High tolerance formula.

- Tested on sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

- Enriched with natural waxes and vitamin E & C derivatives.

(Courtesy: Bourjois Intense Black #75)

My 2 cents:

I swatched the liner; it is so soft, creamy and black. When I say Black, it is jet black and not streaky at all!Pigmentation is so great, though not so sure of the staying power.

Turned the pencil for smudging; shocker! The brush, as per the claims, was super soft. So soft, I coud not smudge that! I tried this again and again, but in vain. The bristles were too soft to smudge :( I might buy this for the liner part...I wanted to like this, but alas...

I believe this is a new launch! Did you try this yet?


  1. aww try smudging the pencil in upwards motion with a q-tip or a cotton bud hun! Always works :)Havent tried this pencil yet though

  2. Hey, the pencil sounds very tempting from the way you have reviewed it even though the smudge did not seem to work.. Shifa is right on the cotton bud though.. have used it myself a couple of times and it works just as well..

  3. Shifa, thnq for the helping hand :) i badly wanted that pencil, but that smudger thing put me off :( wil surely try :)

  4. Tanvi, the pencil is really tempting, but dont know if I cud make it work wid a q-tip. Will try that and let u all know :)

  5. Hey I searched for this n landed here :) I'm thinking of getting it

  6. I got this in Smokey Brown - The color & pigmentation is amazing!! I just love it, but I agree with u on the brush part - it is a little soft - gives a very diffused smoke... But am loving the color, plan to get purple next :D