Sunday, 22 November 2009

Coastal Scents 88 Warm Palette

Hey my lovelies,

Has anyone tried this yet? I would love to buy this, but not sure of the customer service, shipping and stuff like that :) your views are more than welcome!

I heard people rave about this. I mean, its like everywhere on the YT. Gurus or the so-called gurus are like chanting! What I can see is this is a must-have for an aspiring professional (like me :) or to build up your collection and in more ways like the range is too much, so there is something for everybody. As per the promise, it carries all tones that would suit any skin tone. It includes matte, shimmer and the pearl ones. CS says there are 42 matte shades, the rest are shimmer and pearl.

What caught my eye; the rich earthy tones; my favorite other than Black! I can see umpteen looks emerging from the dime-sized pots!



  1. wow !! such a lovely palette for everyday look !
    buh shipping prices of costal scents are bull$%#@ :|
    they have same palettes with affordable shipping prices :)btw are you aspiring MUA ??:D

  2. Its such a gorgeous palette! perfect for every day/smokey eye look. Show us some looks with this palette in the future plz :) xoxo

  3. hi thanks for following :)
    i have the original palette and i think its great, i use it a lot but shipping from coastal scents is really high if u dont live in the US, so i would recommend you try finding it on ebay as its MUCH cheaper! x

  4. Such a variety of shades for different looks. I think this has almost all the earthy colors. Too good. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Palak, did u try "starsmakeuphaven" before? R the MAC ones original? BTW, so sweet of u referring! Aspiring MUA? Trying to be or will be one fine day :) dont u like the sound of it?

  6. Sonali, I am yet to get my hands on that palette, but not sure of the customer service of coastal scents...I am not a guru like you I cannot do beautiful luks like you people do :) If I get my hands on a palette, will surely try to post on my blog so u can have a gud laugh :)

  7. Hi Rupa, thanks for stopping by! Thanq again for the info. That helped a lot! DO you have a specific seller in ur mind you could refer?

  8. Chitchat, thanq for the sweet comments!