Monday, 30 November 2009

Book time...

I finally got hold of the most-awaited "New Choices in Natural Healing," an excellent home-take reference on alternative medicine. This is something very pratical like you could incorporate these techniques in your day-to-day life. This offers complementary healing practices from around the world. This has been designed to help seperate the time-proven therapies from the useless.

This volume includes:

Acupressure: for pinpoint pain relief.

Aromatherapy: relieve stress and tension.

Ayurveda: customized system for better health.

Flower therapy: heal the mind and the body will follow.

Food therapy: power to erase disease.

Herbal therapy: healing partnership with mother nature.

Homeopathy: medicines perhaps more powerful than prescriptions.

Hydrotherapy: bathe yourself in natural healing.

Imagery: picture yourself perfect healthy.

Juice therapy: curative essnce of fruits and vegetables.

Massage: hands on healing for yourself and your family.

Reflexology: speed restrorative energy to organs and body parts.

Relaxation and meditation: achieve a higher state of health.

Sound therapy: soothe your body with music's gentle waves.

Vitamin and mineral therapy: natural prescriptions for healing.

Yoga: stretches for better health.

It stresses on the methods on natural healing, natural remedies for 160 health problems...phew! Glad to get hold of this :)

P.S: Just a reference volume, not a medical guide. If you suspect any problem, seek medical help. Reader must take the full responsibility for all the decisions :)



  1. Hey, my other passion - Books!.. other than make-up, I am very passionate about books.. The book you have featured sounds like a prize catch.. do share some interesting tips on skin care/aromatherapy if you can!!

  2. Tanvi, u dont have to ask abt it, wud surely love to share as much as I can :) great to find another bookworm :)