Friday, 13 November 2009

Revlon Super Lustrous Pearl Plum

I dont know if I could call it a sensational shade like Cherries in the glow, my personal favorite. This color in particular has a tendency to subside like the pigmentation fades evenly and looks great on the lips. Might look too much on first application, but dont have to worry. It takes its own course...

This was my first purchase and first gloss from Revlon i.e. Super Lustrous Lip gloss in #18 Pearl Plum (also #090). The consistency is good and not-so-heavy.  I find this sticky, but not troubling. Its a buildable color and intensifies on application. I bought this for 275 INR at a departmental "Angels" in Anna Nagar, Chennai.

If you know me, I am more plum kinda person, so it looked great on my skin tone. Staying power was decent. I would rather prefer wearing this colour alone. I would definitely recommend this colour if you are also a plum person like me. Many people might find it hard for the day time, so if you are on a hunt for night colors give this a try. I am not even sure if Revlon still has this. If it still does this, try for this winter.

Repurchase, I dont think so! Not that I dont like this color, but I would rather have a back up for my Cherries in the Glow.

Here comes the duo, the first sparkly one Pearl Plum and the second, Cherries in the Glow. Just trying to compare both the shades in day light :) If you read my previous post on Cherries in the Glow, you might see a different shade. That was also taken during the day, but I guess this color is kinda tricky. Wat say?

This was the best I could manage to get these 2 shades in to a single frame! Kindly ignore the background :)



  1. Hey!Nice Blog :) I have the shade in Cherries in the Glow from Revlon and I really like to wear it as my everyday lipgloss xoxo

  2. Thanq, B. Then u shd be knowing wat I talk abt Cherries in the Glow...

    Thanx a bunch for following my blog. U made my day!