Monday, 30 November 2009


Okee, I know this is not a big deal to discuss, but I will! I was in search of some hair accessories, especially a band to get hold of my stubborn hair. I had a layer cut at my local Lakme salon this August. It was something like waist-length hair to shoulder-length.

I get easily irritated by the shorties on my face, especially when I am out and I wanted a solution for that. So, I visited my local Claire's. On hunting, I finally landed on this beauty! Just a black hair band! If you know me, I am a die-hard fan of black :)

When I came across this, I felt like "OK...I must have this." It was the last one left, so I could not leave that to somebody else to come and pick right in front of me! I dont know if you would like this one in particular, but thats my taste :)

I know I sound silly, but for some reason I felt this one serves better than the regular plain bands! The spike-things can be used to comb or tease your hair! I told you I am stupid! I feel I dont need a comb with this! This retails for 2.50 pounds :)

Can you can see? It doesnt stand even which means, it is not even on my head either :) All the while, I was wondering what the problem might be coz it was kinda hard behind the ears! Now, I know the reason!

Doesnt it look like a tiara?

Oh...I found another band at Claire's, a plain wide tan brown band with dark brown polka dots on it. The material used on that was brown satin so, kinda lemming :) I was not sure to pick that the same day I bought this coz that was kinda huge on my head as I have a very small head comparitively! The brown one retails for 4 pounds, waiting for the right time to pick it up! May be, during this Christmas eve!

P.S: Please ignore if you find it stupid or silly :)


  1. I love headbands. I especially keep a basic black band for myself. And I have bangs so I like to keep something or the other head accesory to keep my little ones in place. :)

    This band looks pretty slippery for hair Why don't you try a soft metallic band, it has worked pretty well for me.

    Good Day. :)

  2. lol it does look like a tiara :). I also think u comb yr hair with it too.

  3. Rati, thnq for the visit :) my hair being stupidly soft, this one somehow manages to stay on. wil surely try something soft :) thnq for that piece :)

  4. cynthia, thnk god finally some soul agreed on that tiara part :) yup, i comb my hair with this...

  5. I third (?) cynthia .. it indeed looks like tiara .. makes me wanna get golden version of it :)

  6. hey awesome headband, love love love it dear!!!where did you get it?

  7. cheezz, at Claire's accessories :) thnq, btw