Monday, 16 November 2009

Clinique Rinse off foaming cleanser

Hello lovelies,

This is a review on Clinique's foaming cleanser...a typical boring intro! This was a freebie from last year's promotion.

This product is meant for dry, combination to normal skin types. It is supposed to remove makeup effectively.

It has chamomile, which is multi-functional. It helps in healing the skin from burns and allergies. The active ingredients in Chamomile are volatile oils or essential oils and flavonoids. Essential oils help soothe irritated skin or tissue and help in acne treatment. Flavonoids are anti-oxidant and assist in healing. So, if you are looking for some product with Chamomile, go for the highest concentration or it might be useless.


This product smells heavenly. To be honest, I am an anti-cardamom person like I literally avoid anything associated with that, but I love the fragrance of this. It has that mild scent of cardamom, not so over-powering! The consistency is like your regular cold cream.

People might find this so dry on their skin, but I never had that feeling watsoeva! I like the way it lathers up and makes my skin feel super soft. I have kinda combination skin, but not so sensitive to break out at the slightest provocation.

Might sound silly, but I normally do not follow any regular face routines. So, I use this whenever I please like in the morning, noon, evenings or nights which means anytime of the day. BTW, I am currently on a treatment kinda thing from Clinique's Even Better range. I use the tone corrector from CEB range (hip term for Clinique Even Better).

In the process, I am religiously using this cleanser since 3 weeks, though had it from so long. I like the feel of my skin like I feel it cleanses my skin to perfect as it rinses off well. Literally you can hear the squeaky sounds when you play with your skin.

I would definitely repurchase this, but I took an oath to complete my other 3 cleansers before I treat myself with a new one. I am so interested trying the Neutrogena range of cleansers since long, so I am using my old ones as much as I can.

Coming to the cleanser, I use the Clinique High Impact mascara and I find it difficult to get rid off wid the other cleansers. This one foams up like anything and takes away the last traces of my mascara. God...this is so frothy! The best part is all you need is not even a pea-sized product. I can say, it makes my skin feel kinda silky so this is my most luxurious cleanser ever. This retails for about 14 pounds for 150ml, which is quite expensive for me...

Alright, I know...its pretty messy, but that shows how much I use this :) BTW, this is a 50 ml easy - squeezy!



  1. Malar, nice meeting u and thanq for stopping by :) am kinda confused how u came to knw abt my blog..:)

  2. Nice review! I might try this out after I finish my Ayur Neem cleasner xoxo

  3. Thanq, Sonali! Everybody should try this once, at least! Of course, my opinion!

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