Friday, 6 November 2009

The little blue tin aka Original

Nothing interesting at all! I would seriously not want to exaggerate about this, but want to do a review for my blog sake.

Ingredients are also not interesting, just petrolatum. So, its nothing else but petroleum jelly. I feel like using this like a multiple product...lips, body what not! No fragrance...nothing!

Repurchase...dont think so! Such a sad review! I dont think this thing deserves a special review as such, but poor thing. How will I ignore this?



  1. hey divija, that's a nice template ... how did u get ur name on it .. can u pls share it with me?

  2. Trade secret ma, jst kidding! Have an account in photo bucket! End of the story! Glad to knw u hve many followers! I am following asha's blogs. Like her colorful recipes...trying to xplore others. Of late, was busy trying to change template frm 2 to 3 column. Finally, succeeded last nite. Now, wil surely concentrate on posting stuff. D u have twitter? I think I might join face buk as well...