Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Tag: 20-question tag

Uh...finally something different! You are given some 20 random questions and all u have to do is to answer them. As simple as that! Waiting for something? Ok, I post the question and answer together so that would be easier.

1. Thing you cannot leave the house without? Your answer might be keys, but my DH takes care of such things, so I dont have to bother. So sweet of him :) I cant leave without my jacket; summer/winter. Summer, it would be a denim jacket from Levis and winter, it would be my hooded jacket from NEXT. I dont know if I could answer something related to clothing, but I already did that. C'mon...nobody is gonna punish you for that...

Again, if I was in India, that would have to be my handbag as it has many things I cant leave the home without :)

2. Favorite brand of makeup? Hmmm....quite tricky! I am not brand loyal, if you know me! I use everything ranging from Clinique, MAC (only one product), Max Factor, L'Oreal, Bourjois, Revlon, Maybelline, Lakme', Color Bar. Okay, lemme pick one for the tag sake. I would say Clinique :)

3. Favorite flowers? For braid or in general? For braid, none! In general, every flower is special on its own way and deserves a special mention! But, I have always been partial to tulips for some reason. They make me happy. If at all I have a home of my own, I would definitely have a tulip garden...full or rainbow colors...vibrant...lively whoaaaaaaa :)

4. Favorite clothing stores? Girls, I am in UK for the past 1-1/2 years. Ok, lemme categorize. In India, Westside for salwars and Varsidhi for sarees. In UK, it has to be Primark.

5. Favorite perfume? It was Davidoff Cool water, but now Calvin Klein Euphoria.

6. Heels or flats? Dont ya think 5 ft 6 in is too tall for heels. Definitely flats or flip flops!

7. Do you make good grades? I made good grades at school. I flunked a couple of times at college in Chemistry, though. So, I always consider myself average at academics, honest :)

8. Favorite colors? Only favorite color was/is/will be Blackest black which means jet black...today, tomorrow, foreva!!! No changes since my childhood! Black is beautiful, so am I! Now you know why I adore black?

9. Do you drink energy drinks? Nah...I drink Sprite and Coke, FYI. I dont know if you call these ED.

10. Do you drink juice? Yup...Tropicana orange juice, but not on a daily basis. I find it too tangy, so I reserve that for summers :)

11. Do you like swimming? Pool or Beach? I like the pool, but I dont know how to swim. All I can do is just move my extremities in the water...

12. Do you eat fries with a fork? Do you? People might say that depends on the place, but I would rather prefer to avoid that place.

13. Whats your favorite moisturizer? For face, Clinique Dramatically Different and for body, Nivea.

14. Do you wanna get married later on in life? Hmmm...that would be 3 of us, a bit crowdy. So, I prefer not :) I am married for God's sake...

15. Do you get mad easily? As much as I can...

16. Are you into ghost hunting? Why would anybody do that? I wouldn't do! The name itself scares the **** out of me. Pls.....I get scared easily. Ooooo...did I say that?

17. Any phobias? As many as possible...claustrophobia, the most and one more, achluophobia, fear of darkness or night! I am scared of anything and everything around. Lightest breeze is more than enough to scare me...

18. Do you bite your nails? Never! Did you get that?

19. Have you ever had a near death experience? Twice this July. I dont wanna share this, though!

20. Do you drink coffee? Never!

Uiii........I tag everybody! Hope you had fun!



  1. Ur blog design looks so cute..! I love it!

  2. Hey, that was real fun reading the tags. Your replies were interesting.


  3. hi divija !!!
    this is quite an interesting topic .. maybe i won't be able to read all of it just now ..maybe once i return from my vacations.take care and have fun ... byeeee. c ya soon...

  4. Hey ferns, one more day to go, I guess! Have a safe journey and have fun!