Monday, 2 November 2009

The little green tin aka Aloe Vera lip therapy

Looks like a compressed version of green apple and aloe vera! Did I confuse you, girlies? Hope not! As mentioned earlier, this is from Super drug for 79 pence. This is lip therapy in aloe vera flavor! Enough of aloe vera....

Straight away, the packaging as you can see is bright, cool, sexy, vintagy...phew! The ingredients being petrolatum, aroma, isopropyl myristate, benzyl alcohol, limonene, aloe barbadensis leaf extract (aloe vera)...that was mouthful!

I hope you can see the bubbly things in the product! I was surprised to find these in the aloe vera versions. Too much of coordination! I was very much tempted to play with those bubbles, but just wanted you people to see them! So, you might have a better idea of what I speak!

It supposedly soothes the dry skin and lips and has aloe vera for that extra conditioning. It says it has green apple flavor, but hardly find any. The only thing that strikes my mind is... nothing, I guess! Sorry, but seriously I dont know if green apple has the same scent! I rarely eat green apple, so dont take my word for granted when its clearly described as green apple flavor. Hmm...I hardly see the coordination between green apple and aloe vera other than the color. Do you know, at least? I am all ears.....One thing about these products is they can be used as multiples like hand cream, lip balm, moisturizer etc. Comes handy!

I was really tempted to buy another green tin just for the color, but I dont think that was a good idea. I am seriously not a big fan of this scent, but somehow I can manage with another scented product on top it. But, that should be more dominating! I would never repurchase the green tin for the fragrance it carries. Sorry Super drug, but I cant help it!

Many people dont like applying the product with fingers for hygiene reasons. But, nothing makes me happier than applying a lip balm with fingers. Dipping my fingers into the tub..........OMG! I dont consider that as a downside! Opening such tins is a nightmare sometimes! Especially when you have greasy/wet hands, its really irritating! The trick is rotate the lid like a full circle and open! Ta-daa!!!

It is a 20-g tin with a shelf life of 12 months. Oh...wondering how did I know? It clearly says on the packaging! Too smart, isn't it? Small things like these make me happy. Drug store brands are so particular about these things whereas some high-end brands care a damn about such issues! Great going Super drug!!!

I dont expect miracles, but good product for that price! Again, works as a multiple. So, it would not be wise to complain!

Hope you can see the bubbles inside! Not so prominent, but still they are nice to see! Reminds me of aloe vera gel!


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