Thursday, 19 November 2009

L'Oreal 6H Glam Shine Gloss Brillance

My reviews must be really boring coz I dont do the hot stuff, but things almost forgotten! There are people who dont even know about these things as well like my besties :) so I consider these kinda reviews target people like my besties so they know what the product was once, if its extinct now!

Here I am with 2 more glosses in my hand, ready to be reviewed! So, these are from L'Oreal Glam Shine 6H range. I have the shades #200 6H Mauve and #201 Loyal Wild Rose. I wanted to get my hands on
# 105 Hold-On-Rose which is featured in the L'Oreal commercial on Aishwarya Rai, but on swatch it was less pigmented. I thought, may be Aish had some lipstick on, hence the dark pigmentation! Whatever it is! Personally, I dont feel there is a big difference in the above 2 shades I have other than for the sparkles or may be a little more pigmentation. Did I confuse ya? I hope, not!

The packaging is too chic for a drug store product, so 5/5 for that. Decent pigmentation as well! I can guarantee it doesnt stay for 6 hours as per the promise. You know what? I dont mind reapplying a product as long as I am happy. Like, if I feel the product is really worth the tag, that should not be a problem at all! I dont expect a product to work as an all rounder, BTW! If you like the pigmentation / brand / price/ looks, just go for it! At least, thats how I choose my products!

I hate the weird fragrance of the 6H range, particularly! So, 0/5 for that! It doesnt leave my lips when I wipe off the gloss, even! It dries up the lips, if you are not cautious enough! I always had some problem or the other with these glosses, especially when I forget using a lip balm.

6H range is more sticky and transfers to the lips fast, so I dont reach for these mostly! I love the other range of Glam Shine, the fat short tubes. They dont stick to the lips and are not as sticky as 6H range! Did you feel the same?

Pigmentation is pretty good, but doesnt stay as long! It makes your lips look luscious and plumpy, whateva! Your lips look plumpy as long as you have a great amount of gloss on! So, the logic lies in applying and reapplying!

The price is almost 7 pounds, which is kinda expensive for a drug store gloss. But, I got mine in promotions like the Mauve one was 2 pounds off during launch and Loyal Wild Rose was from Buy Two Get One Free (BTGOF) offer!

Coming to #200 Mauve, its infused with silver somewhere! I feel so or am I too conscious? I can see the silver for sure! If not on the lips, at least in the tube! I like this color for the day, in particular! Try this yourself! Loyal Wild Rose is like a dark plum with sparkles!

The wand is unique and big enough, so you get the complete color in one sweep! The only thing I like in L'Oreal has to be this heart-shaped wand!

Repurchase, I dont think so! May be YAY for the shades, but definitely NAY for the strong smell!

The top one is Loyal Wild Rose (multi-color sparkles) and the bottom one is Mauve (can u see the silver infused in that?)

Ok, I thought the first pic had labels so u might not be able to see the colors. Here is the pic without labels!

Ignore my stupid swatches! My cam is really stubborn :) The top one if you can make out is Loyal Wild Rose and the bottom one, Mauve. LWR is kinda fuschia-undertone with sparkles whereas the Mauve one is just a creamy sheer color! Love Mauve!



  1. Hey I loved these glosses!B4 I gave them away.
    Btw Divija regarding yr ? about liners..sorry I made a mistake in in my reply to yr comment in my blog.Check it out n u'll know wht I mean :D
    Yup i think Rev Colorstay liners r pretty good..easy to apply.Worth a try imo. Check out Maybelline n Loreal gel liners too..they come with really nice brushes...n apply really smoothly.
    I'll b doin some posts on my fav products from liners to glosses soon so maybe they'll be of some help to u in the future.

  2. Cynthia, that waz funny! So sweet of u LOL. No sorrys, hereafter! xoxo