Friday, 6 November 2009

The little pink tin aka SPF 15

I know I have been absent for quite sometime, but I am back with another review. Not so interesting, but felt like doing it! It might help one of my friends, at least! Which one should I choose? Both take the same time as such. Inky pinky ponky...

Aha...the little pink tin aka SPF 15! As mentioned earlier, its a clear product! Clear ones are not fun, for me at least! I might reach for them on a lazy day...I doubt it!

Straight away, the core ingredients are petrolatum, shea butter and something mouthful...dont even bother to know! Again, it soothes dry skin and lips. Only difference, it has SPF 15 for that extra protection!

No fragrance, particularly. Only thing I can sense in my mouth when I have this on my lips is just petroleum jelly...thats it!

Repurchase...I dont think so! I guess I have had enough fun buying, staring and using this! I am seriously waiting for the summer to try this and feel the difference! I am so glad that I would be back in India by the next summer to use it....yay!


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