Sunday, 22 November 2009

Classic must-have makeup accessories...

According to the experts, these are the must-have makeup accessories:

1. A black mascara.

2. A black eyeliner.

3. An easy-to-apply concealer to help disguise tiredness.

4. A neutral transparent blush.

5. A bronzer for a sun-kissed glow all year round.

6. A shiny natural looking lip gloss.

7. A red lipstick to change depending on your mood.

8. A pale shiny nail varnish.

What are your must-haves?

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  1. for me it wd be blotting sheets and blot powder .. life savers for oily skinned ladies like me !!!

  2. ha ha .. just saw yer comment ,, n yeah U guessed rite.. em a student :)

    Thanks girly .. mah weekend was a lil depressing .. went to IITF with mum .. her wallet was stolen :(
    I wanted to SHOP .. never mind .. another day :)
    You too have a happy monday :)

  3. for me its foundation and blush!

  4. You are absolutely right in pointing out the 'must have accessories'. I do have most of them but not all :):)


  5. Palak and Shifa, thanks a bunch for the reply! Glad to know ur pick :)

  6. Chitchat, thanq for the comment and reply as well!

  7. Any brand/product recco for Neutral Transparent Blush? Never used anything like this..

  8. tanvi, really sorry. I never used a blush. DO I sound like a nerd, I might....thats true...really sorry honey, cud not help u...