Friday, 13 November 2009

Color Bar Star Shine Lip Gloss

Color Bar Star Shine gloss is a sheer gloss with glitter that gives the lips a sheen and look of liquid diamonds. It makes the lips look fuller and more enhanced. The Star Shine Lip Gloss is ideal for night and party wear and can be used alone or over a lipstick. It comes in 12 starry shades and is further accentuated with a matching lipstick or lip liner -

I got mine for about 125 INR at sale, though not sure. Its been a while, so cant remember. I believe now it retails for about 200 INR. I have 2 gorgeous shades #001 Bare Truth and #012 Pink Kiss. Pink Kiss somewhat looks like Barbie pink for me for some reason.

The packaging is quite okay for the price, so cant complain on that issue. This surely has a great fragrance like cookies? something that reminds me of a sweet and lingering. At times, I can sense the smell of tonic, but not a bitter one for sure.

Colorwise, they are nicely pigmented and fade evenly. As per the name, it has multi-colored sparkles, which get quite chunky on my lips after a while. May be, I am too conscious. Staying power is decent. Comes with the regular doe foot applicator. Apply this gloss...your lips look super sexy....juicy.... I can tell that it has some plumping factor in it sans tingling. My lips are average-sized, so I care a fig about plumping. It has a good fragrance while applying and after application, too. Its not sticky YAY!!!!

Here comes the shocker. After a while, the glitter somehow sticks on to your lips. Must be the formula. It is so stubborn...even you wipe off hard, the glitter still seems to stay on. So, I have to use some oil based wipe or some such thing to get rid of the glitter. So, its always recommendable to use a good lip balm under this gloss. At least, you can get rid of the glitter to some extent with the first wipe. I learnt my lesson!

Repurchase, not so sure because the glitters give me jitters! Star Shine range as per the promise is definitely for night times. Glitter is surely glamorous, but not for me. I am not at all comfortable with glitter all over me! I might be able to carry these at nights, but day time? I should reconsider.

I am planning to give away one of these to my li'l sister. She is another lip gloss freak like me. I actually thought of giving away both the colors, but I am reconsidering that. Poor li'l thing! I am bitchy sometimes. Sorry my dear sis', but may be I should give the gloss some time...

For me, the only downside is the sticky glitter. Otherwise, it is a great gloss for that price! Great going CB!!!

As you can see, they are almost near, but different! Can you see the sparkles? The glosses are Bare Truth on the top and Pink Kiss at the Bottom. Swatch wise, Pink Kiss is the first and Bare Truth takes the bottom row. Pink Kiss looks ravishing in day light. How do I know? I tried once :)

Kindly excuse the blurred images, my cam kissed my floor :(


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  1. HI i bought quite a few colorbar lipsticks lastyr from delhi and hte shades were nice mostly browns and 2 in metallic shades and i bought 2 eye shadows, though the eye shadows are quite expensive. but i like the color effect, they are good.