Monday, 16 November 2009

Tag: 6 products I can't live without?

For those who dont know whats happening around, there is something goin' on in YT like tag-thing. You will be given some set of questions like a questionnaire. Dont ask me who prepares those! There are umpteen tags so there is something for everybody. Suppose, I do a tag/questionnaire, I can tag as many people...that goes on. Sorry, this is the best I could explain. I tell you, its so much fun. If you wanna do one, I tag you too.........jump in! You might get addicted once you are in. Remember, I warned you!

Why am I doing these tags now? I dont have a channel in YT and neither want to have one! So, I thought why not I do them in my blog? I know many people are not comfortable in having YT channels and invite negativity, troubles whatsoever. If at all the tag I do includes pictures, I might post them as well. Kindly bear with me, I might be a bit lazy in taking pictures and posting them along :)

Here we I was trying to do this since a long time, but in vain. Now, I finally jumped in. This would be my first tag i.e. "6 products I can't live without?" Pretty easy and interesting! The tag is a set of 6 questions; you have to pick 6 beauty products you cant live without that includes skin care, hair care and makeup. I might mention some multi-functional products in my tag!

1. Tooth brush/paste. Sorry, I consider these as beauty products as well. I use Colgate paste/Oral B brush.

2. Shampoo, I use L'Oreal Elvive range and Tresemme' Conditioner, the one with a green label.

3. Moisturizer. I cant stand patchy and scaly skin. It hurts. I normally use Dove for bath, so I dont have to use moisturizer. Still, I use either Nivea or Organic Surge range (Citrus ginger fragrance) from NEXT, UK.

4. Perfume/deo. On a daily basis, I use French Lavender Relaxing/ Damask Rose Sensual body mist from Boots, UK. Perfume wise, I was very loyal to my Davidoff Cool water since 3 years, but now I branched out to Calvin Klein Euphoria. Just a sample, planning to buy a full size one.

5. I am bitchy when it comes to makeup (eyes/lips). I cant choose a proper category from color cosmetics like a nail polish, lipstick, gloss, balm etc. Its kinda cheating. I dont say I cant live, but I cant imagine my makeup done without eye stuff. So, I choose one lipstick, one gloss, one lip balm, eyeliner, mascara and finally eyelash curler. My favorite lipstick would be Elle 18 Cocoa Creme (mauvy pink). Favorite gloss would be from the Bourjois 3D Effet range (who doesnt know?). Favorite lip balm would be Vaseline Rosy Lips (sorry Carmex, but u dont tint my lips. Do ya?).

My favorite  nail polish for ever would be #065 Cozy Rosy from Color Bar. I dont know if they still do this color. If they do, I might go for a back up. I love this color to death, I swear. BTW, its a pinky mauve with silver sparkles. Might not sound useful for day time, but it looks perfect...I like it! I will surely post the pic within 24 hrs :)

Eyeliner; I had a couple of them from Indian brand Lakme'. I had both felt tip one and the brush one. I liked the brush one better. I came to know this recently because the felt tip somehow gets hard on the lids and makes the skin tight. Now, I am not using liner for the past 2 years, but would love to try Revlon Colorstay in Blackest Black or L'Oreal Intense in Carbon Black. Uiiiiiii.........almost forgot. I wanted to buy Clinique liner and the reviews were not so convincing, I changed my mind.

Mascara, you know I use Clinique High Impact. I am happy with that and no issues whatsoeva! I love using kajal aka kohl on my lash line. I use Biotique herbal kohl (reputed Indian brand). I use a regular drug store eye lash curler from Vega (Indian brand, especially known for beauty tools).

6. Latest member of my family, GHD IV styler. I hardly used it as I bought it yesterday, but I can surely say I would not be able to live without it. Not that I would use it religiously, but for the price tag. I dont know how to make the best use of it, but trying hard.

Again, I am tagging all of you who wish to do this. Do let me know your Favorite-6 for sure! Will ya?

P.S: I guess almost every product is mentioned in my blog except one or two, so you would not need photos in this particular post.



  1. Hi Divija..thanks for following n for yr lovely comment. Actually there's no link to yr blog so I couldn't visit it earlier.
    Anyways, yr blog is really beautiful. See u again soon! :)

  2. Cynthia, u made my day! Glad u liked my blog! xoxo

  3. hey i love the revlon and loreal eyeliner you mentioned, wow both are awesome!!

  4. Ok, the choice is urs! Which one wud u suggest for me :) i am in kinda dilemma :(